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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Have A Sip

THIRST: An insistent desire; a strong craving, or to have a yearn.

EX. A thirst for knowledge. <---strong desire for something (not food or drink) LOL
How many have a thirst or desire to see Tyrese or Lebron James?? Just your luck kiddos, both smart, sexy, and RICH guys will be in DC Thursday night. So here's the rundown...
Alot of promotion has been goin on for the Shadowroom. The King Lebron James is hosting and I'm pretty sure this is one party you don't want to miss! Lebron is in town celebrating (hypin his release) of “More than a Game.” The film looks into how he went from highschool to NBA stardom. Ray, Omari, Taz, and Mitch have been promotin the sh*t out of this party and word on the street is that all major ballas have tables!!! My suggestion is this get their EARLY (no later than 10pm) and look UBER haute. Make sure you RSVP (full name and email addy) to Now the Shadowroom isn't very big so if you're not in the mood to sweat your hair out this is not the place you want to be. Especially since Lebron will be there and you know he has FEMALE and MALE groupies! If you prefer to be able to move around and not get bumped into, then make your way to the Park. The Park is where you will find multi-talented (u know singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, former fashion model ..blah blah blah) Tyrese! MYLANTA that brotha has come along ways since that Coca-Cola commercial. OK back to the pretty sure you guys are familiar with the usual happy hour 5-8pm and free b4 10pm if you RSVP to BUT, tonight Ciroc and Ian of Suitenation is teamin up to bring you a special CIROC open bar on the 4th FLOOR! Make sure you send names to Yes you read it right CIROC open bar so get there look fly and make sure to order a round of Diddy's (Ciroc and lemonade) on the house! Ladies and Gentlemen I'm outchea!
Your thirst has officially been quenched!
~Oh and if you can't make it out to any of the parties. Don't worry EyeSPyZ got u! I'll be reporting live from the so make sure to follow us on twitter all nite long!


  1. f*** the park and their "thats not the look we're going for tonight" i don't understand what's wrong with a button down, jeans and hard bottoms. oh well.

    if i was home i'd try to be at the shadow room anyway. i'd tell people i'm the newest rookie who signed with the cavs. lol

  2. SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!