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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thirsty Thursday's...

I don't know how these kiddies do it during the week...but I'm here to keep you up on the latest weekday night spots. Cue my theme music..My favorites from top to bottom *wink*! Enjoy!

The DYNAMIC DUO Dave & Ray are at it again. The Shawdow Room is a must on Thursday's attracts a zexy crowd and has given these other spots some major competition. It really raised the bar with emphasis on being an exclusive spot. It reminds me of a dark filled cave..but a really attractive and zexy one! I'm renaming it the Zexy Room! Now if you don't look stunning enough to get into the Zexy Room *giggle* you can always engage in recreation at The Park. Lately, the only thing this place has been offering are cocktails in an attractive setting! Maybe it's Thursday nite's promoters..who knows but head to it if you're up for a bunch of socializing and fake-me out networking. Hmm...networking.. makes me think of the guys promoting K Street Lounge tonight. Not saying any names but they been trying to make a couple of spots pop off but haven't had that much of a turnout! Is it their connections??? K Street just doesn't do it for me! But, at least there is open bar for LADIES (sorry guys) till 11pm! Get there early and DRINK up!.....Your thirst has officially bench quenched!


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