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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hump Day Spots

Josephines - There's always a nice crowd and it's a must to hit up on Wednesday..Hosted by Lebron James and tickets start at 20$ click here to get them!

The Park - Private event held by LeBron James and his friends (I guess he's club hoppin)...Did you get the invite? If not, it's ok I'll be there and will be sure to give a recap of what goes down! Or follow me on Twitter all night!! =)

Posh - Karaoke Wednesday' -12am..hey it's something a little different! My friend loves Karaoke*shout out to ADUb*! You can dine and get you're singing on!

Capitol Building - West steps to be concert from 6-8pm featuring Tabi Bonney, Kingpin Slim, Kyonte, and more. There will also be a bunch of speakers speaking out about DC statehood.

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