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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wanna See My TATTOO?

Here at EyeSPyZ we always try to make sure that our readers stay informed of whats HAUTE in the DMV..and yes that includes Tattoo a new edgy, hip, rock & roll theme bar.

I hope all my rock star readers are ready to sport their latest and sexiest tattoos and or tramp stamps *giggle*. Cuz Monday night at this bar is gonna be one hell of a PARTY!

Taz Events, LGI, and Talk of DC (some of the DC's HAUTEST promoters) bring you "Viva La Vida" at Tattoo (1413 K Street, NW) Monday, January 4th.

I hope this isn't your first experience with know the ones DJ Quicksilva use to rock out to when he transitions from one song to the next. If so, you're definitely in for a special treat. Oh, did I mention that this experience is on Taz, LGI, and Talk of DC? (FREE COVER)

Make sure you do your best to dress the part cuz some of the Ravens' finest "artwork" (Willis McGahee and Dawan Landry) will be in attendance. Don't worry because there will be plenty of other ballers to keep you visually entertained as well. Ladies you better WERK!

Remember who told ya 1st,


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