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Sunday, January 3, 2010

EYE C U: Hogates NYE Edition

Anybody make it out to Hogates NYE? EyeSPyZ did! The party was...well lets just say I gave it two stars! *SIGH* At least I got my free champagne. Watch out for more events to pop off there soon! Word on the street is AJizzle Entertainment and a few friends will be promoting it every Friday starting January 22nd. Will your face be in the place? LOL, enjoy the pics below.

Your boy Eric Taylor of eVIP...he stays with a bottle of champagne in his hand!

Gentlemen..this is how you dress for cold weather and still look cute! KUDOS BJ!

You ain't cute :)

Andray "sweaty neck" Blatche...definitely not a good pic.

Oh look who we have here..Willis McGahee. I thought he was hiding under a rock somewhere since Ray Rice has been stealing his shine!

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  1. You need to stop hating on my man Willis. He's one of the Best HB in the history of the NCAA.