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Thursday, January 14, 2010

MLK Weekend Parties

Alright here is your lineup:

The Park - Fred Davis celebrates his bday tonight! I'm pretty sure the rest of the Deadskins will be in the building. DeSean Jackson of the Eagles & Aaron Maybin of the Bills will also be there to help Fred celebrate. Open Bar 5 - 7pm, dinner 5 - 10pm. Oh and Special appearence by DJ Khaled! RSVP for free admission before 11pm to

Shadowroom - Another Bday celebration...Happy Birthday to David Chandler of Dave & Ray....always a party NEED I say more?

Reserve - Personally I haven't checked this place out yet...but its on my list for 2010 guys. Tonight they will be celebrating DST Founders Day! Guys this means lots of chics in the place! RSVP for admission before 11pm to

Ozio - Yes it has been jumpin lately. Happy hour 5 - 8pm, dinner 5 -10pm...and dance till 3pm! Free b4 11pm if you email

Lux Lounge - I have a feeling the line is gonna be NUTS this weekend! Free shots on the second floor...DJ SNS and DJ Harry Hotter spinning! Also...Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi beta will be celebrating their founders day....RSVP for free admission b4 12 to

The Park - DIDDY! DIDDY! DIDDY! Cirocnation will be there as well. If you haven't tried the new flavors of Ciroc Berry and Coconut I'm sure there will be plenty of it going around. Ladies look cute..fellas come correct!

Indulj - Cali from Real Chance of Love will host her bday bash. Sidebar: Everyone is having a bday this week. DOn't forget about MARTIN LUTHER KING as well! Back to the details...DJ Alizay upsatirs, live R &B jazz band downstairs.


Layla Lounge - DJ SNS on the 1's and 2's...hopefully the wiz kids will beat Sacramento that night. If they don't, I'm sure all will be in attendance anyways. Free b4 11pm if you email I haven't been to Layla in a minute...hmmm.

Lounge 201 - I haven't checked this out yet but I hear good things! Free b4 11pm for guys...ladies till 12pm if you RSVP to Brought to you by DDM Group, AKE, and Urbane.

Shadowroom - Dave & Ray are doing it again...honestly do you guys need details? You've seen my pics and my posts. Just be there!

Lima - No work on Monday guys..get there early and tell BJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Free b4 11pm if you email

Penang - The place is pretty small..but uber chic! The boys of DT Nation will be there...oww oww owwwwww!!!!!!!!!

More parties and details to come.....


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  1. Everytime I read an Eyespyz post, it further lets me know I need to move back to the DMV!