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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Have a Sip

Hey can finally dry out your eyes and lay out your best outfit because I'm here to let you know tonight's hotspots...LET'S GO!

I'll Start with Current..the club has three bars (two alcohol and one sushi) and sneaks in a subtle aquatic theme thats decorated with a black and white wave pattern. Who doesn't love Sushi and alcohol. It's like two treats in one! Given the d├ęcor and the clientele, you’ll want to look your best..especially since the promoters are claiming that stylishly dressed ladies are entitled to complimentary admission all night. Just in case get on the I know we all hate standing in lines and RSVP'ing but it's FREE. No one wants to pay the cover at the door. Speaking of cover charges... if you don't get to the Shadowroom early you'll likely be standing outside the velvet ropes or unable to avoid dropping at least 20$! We all know Dave, Ray, and the Dreamteam men don't play at the door. So get on the list( and make it by 11pm. If you're late and can't sweet talk these dapper looking guys into letting you in, I would make my way to the Park. I'm sure yall have heard me raving about the staff looking UBER HAUTE! So leave your tennis shoes, hats, and athletic wear in the closet and put something ZEXY on! Their happy hour and open bar from 5-6 gives you the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle. Enjoy a drink or two =) and since most of us are working professionals and miss the open bars..I got you. You can always make late plans to get to Lotus from 10-11pm to take advantage of their open bar! After that time the cocktails run a tad on the expensive side, but are generally up to par with similar clubs in the area. Whatever you do tonight have FUN!

Your thirst has officially been quenched! ~EyeSPyZ


  1. i was supposed to hit shadowroom last week. didn't happend though.