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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Have A Sip: Matter of Fact I'll Be Your Water!

Sense of humor, kindness, and intelligence are some things we all want in a mate. But yet we often don't want to admit that a nice PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is something we want as well. Personally I'm throwing all of that out of the window and going for LOOKS today cuz Devin Thomas of the Washington Redskins is hosting the Park THURSDAY night. He's definitely a GOOD LOOK! FINE is an understatement for this brotha!!! This makes up for the Park becoming 18 an up Sunday nights!! Here are the details: Open Bar 5p to 6pm • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am. Don't foregt to RSVP with ur name and email addy to

So if Devin Thomas isn't your type..there are a few other players who will be hitting the clubs tomorrow night as well. Clinton Portis will be hosting a party at the Shadowroom. I guess they gotta get that partying out of their system before they hit camp huh? :P It seems like it will be a suasage fest in there cuz Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings), Vernon Davis (49ers), Demetric Evans (49ers), and Vonta Davis (Dolphins) will be there too! SIDEBAR: word on the street is that Clinton Portis is a man whore...ladies u might want to stay away from his azz! As always RSVP for free admission b4 11pm to
I don't know about you but MY thirst has officially been quenched! ~EyeSPyZ

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