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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who's Hitting The Streets With Me???

Any Takers??? Email me..can you hang???? Wednesday spots below a little early..well a tad bit early! *wink*

Privleged - aka K street Lounge..yeah we've all been there. Well it's back with a different name..ladies free all night, fellas free till midnight as longs as you here! Shout out to Anwaa bring home the bacon baby!!! He definitely is trying to make that money and going up against Josephines is a big move..but he got Alizay spinnin' hits all night. Hands down the best DJ in the city..sorry! =)

Josephines - We love Dave & Ray here at EyeSpYZ! David we heard ur single is it true? LOL..back to the details free till 11pm if you RSVP to Hmm..i'm thinking about making a special appearance tomorrow ..hahahahhah

Stir Lounge - formerly Indebleu I like this place on Sunday not sure about Wednesday night! Guestlist only!!! Ladies free all night and fellas till 11pm..make sure your RSVP to Hosted by Ra Ra and Scotty, promoted by ur boy Mark Spain Sidebar for my fellas: they are encouraging SUITS!!! Because PREMIUM dress code will be in full effect..that means put on your Sean John suits!! LMAO

~Whatever you do stay safe...EyeSPyZ!

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