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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Night

Jeeze..I just can't get enough rest for these weekday parties! Going out 2nite??? Hit these places up!

Lotus Lounge - Happy hour with 5$ sushi from 6-9pm, Open Bar 10-11pm. The place is nice...I just don't like the crowd. I say go there get liquored up, get your grub on (the sushi actually isn't then leave and hit the Eyebar!!!......DJ Money all night!
Eyebar - Yall know the deal..get there late cause the party don't start till after 12! MIMS is having his album release party tonight..and free NUVO till 11:30pm...*for all the early arrivals* Ladies if you miss the free NUVO..get the fellas to buy u a drink cause thier drinks are expensive!!.....Big head Alizay on the 1's and 2's!

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  1. Is Lotus calling themselves Lotus or are they calling themselves Ultra?