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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little joys like donuts are okay ...

So I try to eat pretty healthy foods, but Krispy Kremes are my guiltiest pleasure – they tempt me like nothing else could. If you're addicted like I am to Krispy Kremes but don't want the donut around your belly try these! Vegan Donuts by Emilys Desserts. Not only do these donuts taste great but their healthy as well! I can think of a bunch reasons why you should try them....
  • they won't completely ruin your waistline

  • wheat and gluten free options

  • baked not fried

  • they're that good!
So stop by and satisfy yourself with something sweet and NONfat!!! Available at:
Roots Market, 16800 Georgia Avenue, Olney, MD, Whole Foods, or online at


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