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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thirsty Thursday...Have A Taste!

Is the week stressing you out enough already? As much as I LOVE to get together with friends to chat and drink. I think I might dedicate my Thursday night to some of the best parties in the city. Spot me out if you can. I'll be the one in the club giving you all things FLY, FIERCE, and FABULOUS!
OK here are your TWO sips, NOW DRINK UP!:
It's going to be alot of alcohol intoxication with limited consequences tonight as Joakim Noah & the Chicago Bulls host the Park. Oh and word on the street is DJ Quicksilva will be blessing the Park's speaker system. Now to get in the door you know this spot requires a certain "look." So fashionistas bring your "A" game. From clothes to shoes, to handbags to accessories, and everything in between!! EyeSPyZ wants to make sure you turn heads when ya step in the door.
Now if your so call "style" or "look" can't get you pass the guys at the front of the can always make your way to the Shadowroom, and party with two of DC's Hottest Promoters Dave & Ray, along with promoters Dr. Miles Gray & The Standard Events. <- Did I mention I'm a STAN? *wink* Anyways, Raheem Devaughn and Phil Ade will be there debuting their new videos for " I Don't Care" and "Hollywood." Now the videos are you never know who might be in attendance to show support to these brothas. Ladies and gents....
Your THIRST has officially been quenched!
Oh and tell them EyeSPyZ sent you!


  1. lol at a certain "look" or "style". i'm still hot my neo couldn't get in with hard bottoms, jeans and a button up. apparently his beard wasn't maintained to their liking. smh

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